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unfinished, unpublished, intended release 1992
ISSN: 0883-9158

Editor:  George Petros
Associate Editors:  Kim Seltzer, Michael Andros, Robert N. Taylor, John Aes-Nihil

Table of Contents

potential front cover, EXIT #6 - unfinished, untitled front cover clip art pattern ca. 1964, source unknown
The Emergence of Patterns 2 George Petros
For the Fits of Children 6 Michael Andros
The History of Pi 10 Robert N. Taylor
Weatherette 14 Steven Cerio
Transfiguration: Loop to Wave 18 Michael Manning
U.S.S.A. 22 George Petros
Views on Assassination 28 Michael Andros
As I Am, You Shall Be 30 Michael Andros
Pentacles, Pentagrams and the Golden Ratio 32 Robert N. Taylor
Darling, Your Bathwater Is Growing Cold 42 Steven Cerio
Nazion #1 46 K. Seltzer
Nazion #2 52 Kyra Burton
Nazion #3 56 George Petros
Aes-Nihil's Manson contra EXIT 60 John Aes-Nihil et al
Altered People, Cultivated Monsters, Sex Machines 80 George Petros, Robert N. Taylor, Salvatore Canzonieri, K. Seltzer