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ISSN: 0883-9158

Publisher:  George Petros
Editors:  George Petros, Salvatore Canzonieri
Associate Editors:  Kim Seltzer, R. Bruce Ritchie, Michael Andros, Robert N. Taylor, John Aes-Nihil
Art Director:  Nancy Keating

Table of Contents

Choppo front cover J.G. Thirlwell
Graybar Hotel inside cover J.G. Thirlwell
Contents 1
Manifesto & Idea and Word Chart 2 Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945), Gustavus A. Hartrampf (1873-1948)
Events of April 20, 1999 3 George Petros
I Am Proud of Belonging to the Cultivated 6 Salvatore Canzonieri
I Want to Know God 8 John Aes-Nihil & Robert Luther 267
Symbol Pattern with Subliminals (Second Version) 10 George Petros
Aes-Nihil's Nietzsche contra EXIT Part One 11 John Aes-Nihil et al
Sanguinary Eloquence 18 Robert Williams
Take This and Eat, This Is My Body 20 Salvatore Canzonieri
The Swastika, Sacred and Profane 26 Robert N. Taylor
Heretical Depravity 34 Robert R. Votta
The Hidden Organs 37 Raymond Pettibon
The Electromagnetic Spectrum 40 David Paul
Creating and Destroying 44 Robert Luther 267
The Eternal Piledriver Treadmill 48 J.G. Thirlwell
Space Waif 50 Robert Williams
Railway Problems 54 A.C. Samish
Good Heads 58 David Ouimet
Totemic Small 62 Steven Cerio
The Execution of Carl Jung 66 George Petros, Jim Blanchard, Robert N. Taylor, Salvatore Canzonieri
My Role in the History of War 72 George Petros
Proper Manifestations of the Saints of War 78 K. Seltzer
Aes-Nihil's Nietzsche Contra EXIT Part Two 86 John Aes-Nihil et al
Purgatroid inside cover J.G. Thirlwell
Flaccid Assback back cover J.G. Thirlwell
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