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ISSN: 0883-9158

Publisher:  George Petros
Editor:  George Petros
Associate Editors:  Kim Seltzer, Michael Andros
Art Director:  Nancy Keating
Digital Processing:  David Paul

Table of Contents

Firm Grip front cover J.G. Thirlwell
Six Portraits of American Mass Murderers inside cover Joe Coleman
Contents 1
Manifesto 2 Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945)
Events of January 10, 1999 3 George Petros
Air Blast Phenomena & Effects 8 Michael Andros
Transcript of the Final Sermon of Rev. Jim Jones 12 Rev. Jim Jones (1931-1978), presented by Darin Lin
The Book of the Fulfillment 14 Roxanne Blood
We Can Kill You 16 Robert Luther 267
Submissions 22 R. Kern
Meltdown: The Gun Is Loaded 25 Lydia Lunch
Whoregasm 27 Nick Zedd
Eugenics: The Orphaned Science 30 Adam Parfrey
How Brunhild Was Received in the Atomic Age 34 Robert R. Votta
Police Seize Art 'Evidence' From Bowie Killer (Eye Killed David Bowie) 36 Robert R. Votta
Read the Contract 38 Raymond Pettibon
L(aw), S(cience), D(isorder) 42 Carlo McCormick, with illustrations by Mark Mothersbaugh
They Made It Bad 44 Michael Andros
The Dangers of the Liberal Mind 50 Mark Mothersbaugh
Revolver 54 Robert Luther 267
Metempsychosis: Gestation & Soul Events 58 Alex Grey
Teratology 62 Alex Grey
Man A Machine 66 David Paul
New Animals 68 David Paul
Neo-Jesus 76 George Petros
Aliens: Friend Or Foe? 80 K. Seltzer
Pop Nihilism 86 Robert Williams
Verifiable Nightmares 88 Joe Coleman
Black Son, White Sun 90 J.G. Thirlwell
Fraghorn Tornado Rising 92 J.G. Thirlwell
Manacle Depression back cover J.G. Thirlwell
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