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ISSN: 0883-9158

Publisher:  George Petros
Editors:  Adam Parfrey, George Petros
Associate Editors:  Kim Seltzer, R. Bruce Ritchie

Table of Contents

Galaxy M-51 Around Hitler & Manson front cover Adam Parfrey & George Petros
Contents & Manifesto inside cover Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945)
Events of May 5, 1995 1 George Petros
Answering Questions About Exit 2 Adam Parfrey & George Petros
All Over the World 4 Mark Mothersbaugh
Thermopylae 6 R. Bruce Ritchie
Make Anyone Do Anything 10 Robert Luther 267
Clean, Cleaner, ------ 14 Adam Parfrey
Mutant Romance 15 Joe Coleman
Love Opened My Eyes 20 Boyd Rice
The Book of Charlie 22 Adam Parfrey
The History of Astronomy 32 George Petros
Fingered 44 R. Kern & Lydia Lunch
Clean, Cleaner, ------ 49 Adam Parfrey
The Revelation of Saint John 50 K Seltzer
Exploitation Is a Mutual Thing back cover R. Kern & Lydia Lunch
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