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ISSN: 0883-9158

Publisher:  George Petros
Editors:  Adam Parfrey, George Petros
Associate Editors:  Kim Seltzer, R. Bruce Ritchie

Table of Contents

Death as the Avenger (ca. 1849) front cover Alfred Rethel (1816-1859)
Contents & Manifesto inside cover Adam Parfrey & George Petros
Events of September 9, 1943 1 George Petros
You Did Us Proud 2 R. Bruce Ritchie
What Is Democracy? 4 Adam Parfrey & George Petros
Carthago Delenda Est 6 George Petros
Hiding From Wiesenthal 8 Adam Parfrey
Muzak and the Global Nursing Home 10 Joseph Lanz
Muzak — A Concept in Human Engineering 11 Genesis P-Orridge
The Tomb 12 Byron Werner
The Inferno 16 Georganne Deen
On Virtue That Makes Small 20 Adam Parfrey
The Word Go 26 George Petros
Pax Americana 30 Adam Parfrey & George Petros
Joe Job Goes Out 32 Carol Lay
The Dance of Death 34 Joe Coleman
Excerpts From My Secret Diary 40 Mark Mothersbaugh
The Seven Deadly Sins 42 Jonathon Rosen
The Schism 46 K. Seltzer
Graphic Survey of Science 50 Adam Parfrey & George Petros
You Can't Argue With This 56 Adam Parfrey & George Petros
Denoument inside cover Adam Parfrey
Mercedes-Benz Advertisement ca. 1943 back cover from Signal Magazine
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