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ISSN: 0883-9158

Publisher:  George Petros
Editors:  Adam Parfrey, George Petros
Associate Editor:  Kim Seltzer

Table of Contents

Symbol Pattern with Subliminals front cover George Petros
Contents & Manifesto 1 Adam Parfrey & George Petros
Events of December 8, 1941 2 Adam Parfrey & George Petros
The Ideological Struggle of Even Numbers Against Odd 4 Robert Williams
Da Merdurer 5 Joe Coleman
Raging Darkness 6 George Petros
The Antichrist Fan Club 7 K. Seltzer
Captain Rosey Namrooth and Her Crew Attempt to Prevent the Checkered Demon From 8 S. Clay Wilson
Captain Pissgums Protects the Last of the Ship-Board Cocaine Stash From His Muti 9 S. Clay Wilson
Preventative Sociology 10 Adam Parfrey
Energy's Craving 11 George Petros
Use Dirty Language and Make Me Climb the Walls Baby 16 Robert Williams
Blasphemy Barbeque 17 Robert Williams
Transcript of the Final Sermon of Rev. Jim Jones 18 Rev. Jim Jones (1931-1978)
What We Want 19 Adam Parfrey
Varieties of Heavenly Armament 23 Adam Parfrey & George Petros
The Emergence of Love and Hate 24 George Petros
What He Did and How He Did It 25 K. Seltzer
Ghost Photographed in the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Woodford, England, 19 30 Photo by Gordon Carroll
CVR Transcription of Turkish Airlines Flight 981, 3 March 1974 31 Adam Parfrey & George Petros
Special Commemoration Honoring the Ford Flathead V-8 Engine 1932-53 32 Robert Williams
Gezzone 33 Joe Coleman
Monuments of Desire 36 Adam Parfrey
The History of Science Fiction 37 George Petros
Illustrations For the German Edition of William S. Burroughs' The Wild Boys 38 S. Clay Wilson
Action! 40 Adam Parfrey & George Petros
Denoument 41 Adam Parfrey
The Brightest Star in Heaven back cover K. Seltzer